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go watch Lilium

2009-12-23 21:00:00 by allatreev

I MUST show all of you a wonderful flash that has to be honered. It has Intergrated many styles into 3 minute long flash, but has so much potential, you'll want to watch it over and over. please watch this submission click here

go watch Lilium


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2009-12-23 21:22:34

I've already seen it years ago! Its still awesome^-^

allatreev responds:

It's always awesome


2009-12-24 08:41:43

i agree, wonderfuly put together

allatreev responds:

thank you


2009-12-24 18:38:35

It's a little creepy though. Also the art is bad. Must had been drawn with a mouse.

allatreev responds:

what r u talking about? the art is beautiful


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