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its hard living with my mom

2009-12-16 19:51:26 by allatreev

OHMYGAWD!!! my mom is so hard to live with. I'm not just writing this because I got in trouble. I literally can't deal with her.

My mom is fat and takes her anger at herself on me and my brother. She NOOO!!! temper. She jumps to conclusions. She of herself as better than others ( which is a slap in the face because I find stuck-up peopl to be morally wrong ). She is always home sitting on her ass, but never there for me. She is a BULL-HEADED hypocrite. I try to ask for change and she calls me disrespectful. I love her, but she pisses me off to my limit and farther.

If you call me emo, I'll eat you face

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2009-12-16 20:44:01

that's wat my mom was like, only she would hit me and i had to get rides home and stuff cause she yelled at me a lot. but now is better, it just takes a snap. if you wanna know wat i did, ill tell you, just not on the "everyone can see" part of NG ^_^

allatreev responds:

alright cool. ill pm you cuz i suck at getting hints XDDD


2009-12-24 18:41:09

Yeah my mom is kinda like that.............

allatreev responds:

at least im not the only one