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new flash shortage

2009-12-10 19:58:14 by allatreev

As of late, I have been seeing less and less new flash in the portals. Frankly, this has left me with not much of a point on NG. I like to watch and play old flash, but without new submission, I can't level up. This hinder my goal of making a name on NG. please, those with flash software, make more flash ( even if they're short, pointless flash).


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2009-12-10 21:02:37

Don't give up, There is still some good shit on here. You just gota wade thru all the crap to find it.

allatreev responds:

ive had to dig thru trash for a while, but new ones are


2009-12-24 19:14:12

Yeah man don't give up............

allatreev responds:

i wont